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Dual Citizenship Malta UK
Best Citizenship for Brits after Brexit

According to a recent survey, ‘89% of UK citizens would like to have a second citizenship and many of them are prepared to spend a considerable amount for the privilege’. Brexit has indeed created uncertainties among Brits and many are considering acquiring a second passport by investing in another EU member state.

Brexit has had a strong impact to businesses in UK. Indeed, the lack of clarity on what Brexit will actually mean to businesses in UK, plus the possibility that companies will lose their passporting rights to the EU, has already led many firms to relocate their entire businesses to an EU domicile such as Malta – or to set up a part of their operation in another EU country and retain passporting rights to the EU.

But that’s not just about businesses. Brexit is not only effecting businesses in UK, but people freedom of movement in the EU. According to the survey, 3 in 4 participants believed ‘a second passport would give them the ability to travel and explore the world with greater ease’. Enough of a reason to consider getting double citizenship in another EU member State like Malta.

Why opting for Dual Citizenship Malta UK?

Malta has an excellent relation with the UK and is a member state since 2004. Many Brits have already moved to Malta and domiciled their companies to benefit from Malta’s stable environment and business-friendly culture. Others have initiated the process to acquire second citizenship by investment in Malta.

What are the advantages of  Dual citizenship Malta – UK? What are the benefits for individuals following Brexit?

Dual citizenship Malta UK – Freedom of mobility in the European Union

Since 2007, Malta has been a member of the Schengen Visa Zone. The Schengen agreement allows free movement of people between member states by effectively removing border controls. Becoming a Maltese citizen by investment will allow you to overcome Brexit limitations and enable you to live, work, study and travel without going through border controls in all the 28 European countries + Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein (member of the EFTA – European Free Trade Association).

Dual Citizenship Malta UK – Citizenship to your family

All the benefits of the Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme are extended to your family, descendents and future generations. Indeed, the advantages of obtaining a Maltese passport can be passed to your parents and spouse, minor children and unmarried dependent adult children aged less than 27 years old. Descendants are automatically entitled to the Maltese citizenship thereafter.

Double Citizenship Malta – UK Visa-free destinations

You can enjoy VISA free travel to more than 166 countries including USA and Canada. Once you have obtained a Maltese passport, you and your family can secure freedom of mobility for life, as you will acquire a permanent Maltese citizenship.

Dual Citizenship Malta – UK – a fast process

To get The Malta Citizenship through Investment Programme process is real quick and efficient. The citizenship is approved after only 4 months of processing time. A residency card will be issued through a fast track process which takes 1-3 weeks, which will grant free mobility in the Schengen area for 18 months. It will only take 12 months from the date of initial residency to get a Maltese passport through the investment programme

How to get Dual Citizenhip Malta UK?

In November 2013, the government of Malta started offering Maltese citizenship (EU citizenship) to reputable individuals and families upon making an economic contribution to the island of Malta. This is known as Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme or the “Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP)”.

This European Citizenship provides affluent persons of impeccable standing and their families and repute to be naturalized and to receive Maltese Citizenship by Investment on the basis of a contribution and investment in Malta. The program is the first of its kind to have the approval of the European Commission.

For you to get Dual Citizenship Malta UK, you should

  • Must be 18 years of age and in good standing
  • Possess a good reputation upon applying

Upon approval the applicant must:

  • pay a contribution of €650,000 to the National Development and Social Fund whereby this is only payable upon final approval is issued following submission of the MIIP application
  • buy or rent property worth €350,000 or renting at €16.000/yr for 5 years
  • invest €150,000 in Malta Government Bonds for 5 years which can be liquidated after the five year holding period.

Prior to issue of passports:

  • holding a residence card for at least 12 months.

The contribution for a spouse and minor children is Euro 25,000 each. The contribution for dependent parents over 55 years of age and dependent children between 18 – 26 years of age is Euro 50,000.

Citizenship under the Individual Investor Programme grants the European passport and all benefits of full EU citizenship. This means access to all investment opportunities in Malta and throughout the 28 European Union countries, as well as visa-free travel to more than 160 countries in the world, including the EU, UK, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and most countries in North, Central and South America.

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Why considering Malta as a second citizenship

Stable Economy – Malta and Germany are indeed the only two EU countries to have registered a growth during the 2008 financial crisis.